Our website (www.dillivaas.com) does not constitute an offer or any other contract between promoter or developer or owner, however; any purchaser of the unit or apartment in the project will be solely governed by the terms and conditions of agreement which will executed between the buyer and the developer or owner or promoter. All the content mentioned on the website is for informational purposes and we do not intended to constitute an offer through our content. As an owner we reserves the right to change floor plans, layout plans, specifications, names, drawings, graphics, logos, icons, images, developer, promoter and brand impression. All the amenities and premium feature of the project are subject to change or deletion as per the policies of company or directions issued by the Competent Authorities. All the images are for artistic impression, however; furniture, landscape amenities, interior design or accessories are not the part of deal.

It is recommended to avoid the mails from outside the domain of Dilli Vaas because those mails could be phishing e-mails

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